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ACLU of CO - Vote NO 76: Outreach Event


Zoom Meeting (virtual)

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Date and Time:

Wednesday, October 28, 6 p.m.


Julian Camera

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18 attendees

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ACLU Voter

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      Event Description:

      On the ballot this year is Amendment 76. It asks voters if there should be a citizenship requirement to vote in any election. The one-word constitutional change will take away 17 year-olds right to vote in primary elections and will restrict Colorado’s voting accessibility. Amendment 76 is confusing and deceitful because it fails to inform voters about the current citizenship requirement for voting.

      The ACLU strongly opposes Amendment 76 and on October 28th we are hosting a virtual text bank from 6-8pm to contact voters and inform them about the harmful impact of this ballot measure. ACLU trainers will provide volunteers with messaging and all the necessary tools to have a productive few hours of voter outreach. You can learn more about Amendment 76 at, or email our Field Organizer