Tell Sen. John Thune and Sen. Mike Rounds that Pregnant Workers Need Their Support

Across the country, pregnant workers are forced to choose between a healthy pregnancy and a paycheck. No one should have to make this choice.

Too often, when pregnant workers request a temporary job accommodation that would allow them to continue working -- like a stool to sit on or a break from lifting heavy objects -- they are fired or put on unpaid leave. They lose their income when their families need it the most. 

The bipartisan Pregnant Workers Fairness Act could stop this from happening. It would require employers to provide temporary, reasonable accommodation to pregnant workers if there’s no undue burden on the business. 

The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act has significant bipartisan support in the Senate. But we need help from Sen. Thune and Sen. Rounds to get the bill across the finish line this year. They can do that by co-sponsoring the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act!

Sen. Thune and Sen. Rounds have to hear from you about why this bill is so important. They need to understand that supporting pregnant workers helps keep families and our economy strong. Please send them an email now urging them to co-sponsor the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act. 

**Please customize your email to Sen. Thune and Sen. Rounds. It will be more compelling if you say why you think this is important and/or share a personal story or experience if you have one!

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