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Delaware Right to Counsel for Eviction Defense Campaign

In Delaware, 86% of landlords have representation from attorneys or agents in court, but only 2% of tenants have representation. Delaware has an opportunity to level the playing field by securing the right to counsel for eviction defense statewide.

Right now the Delaware state legislature is considering a bill, SB 101, that would provide renters with a right to counsel for eviction defense. Right to counsel is critical to fighting mass evictions and securing safe, stable housing for all Delawareans. Can you send a tweet to ask your state legislative leaders to support this bill and post on Facebook to demonstrate your support?

Step 1: Twitter
The leaders of the Delaware legislature need to hear from you. Click the next to each of their names to send them a tweet in support of SB 101.

Step 2: Facebook
Click on the box below to copy the message and open a window to post to your Facebook wall so others know to support SB 101.

Sen. David Sokola President Pro Tempore
Sen. David Sokola
Sen. Trey Paradee Chair, Joint Finance Committee
Sen. Trey Paradee
Rep. Peter Schwartzkopf Speaker of the House
Rep. Peter Schwartzkopf
Rep. Valerie Longhurst House Majority Leader
Rep. Valerie Longhurst