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Four months into the COVID-19 pandemic, most McDonald’s workers are still without paid sick and family leave. They are joining hundreds of thousands of workers across the country for the nationwide Strike for Black Lives on Monday. Will you take action now to show them that you have their backs?

McDonald’s is one of many corporations attempting to woke-wash its brand by releasing Movement for Black Lives solidarity statements while doing nothing to change policies that hurt workers and perpetuate systemic racism and sexism. As consumers and customers, we must make it crystal clear to McDonald’s that we see right through its toothless statements. 

If the company truly believes that Black Lives Matter, it needs to listen to Black workers and meet their demands for life-saving paid sick and family leave. McDonald’s cares about consumer reviews, which is why we’re flooding more than 300 McDonald’s restaurant Facebook review pages with messages amplifying worker demands for paid leave. Will you join us?