Tell Attorney General Josh Kaul: Investigate Police Misconduct at Protests

On August 23, a Kenosha police officer shot Jacob Blake at least seven times in the back. Subsequent protests demanding justice for Jacob Blake have been met with alleged police misconduct, with numerous reports of protesters being abducted by officers in unmarked vehicles and taken to unknown locations. In at least one video, one of the officers is clearly wearing a U.S. Marshal’s jacket, which suggests that federal officials may be involved.

This cannot stand. The people of Wisconsin have the fundamental right to protest, and should be able to rely on their elected officials to stand up for them when officers sworn to protect and serve allegedly break the law.

That's why we're urging Attorney General Josh Kaul to investigate alleged police misconduct at protests, or immediately appoint a special counsel to investigate, and, if warranted, prosecute any crimes or civil rights violations committed by federal, state, or local law enforcement against protesters, journalists, legal observers, and medics in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin has invited federal forces into our state. Now the state must promise to hold them and any other law enforcement officials accountable.

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