Tell Congress: Don’t Ban TikTok!

Congress is trying to ban TikTok — and it’s more serious than you might think. Tell your members of Congress to fight against censorship and vote “NO” on any bill that would allow the government to completely ban TikTok.

The House Foreign Affairs Committee recently passed a bill out of committee that would effectively ban TikTok — and potentially many other businesses and applications — for everyone in the United States.

Over in the Senate, another sweeping bill with huge First Amendment implications is gaining momentum. The RESTRICT Act grants the Secretary of Commerce new powers to ban us from using apps and products made in China and certain other countries, while also making it harder for us to challenge these actions in court. It even creates criminal penalties that could be used against people attempting to evade a TikTok ban.

More than a hundred million people in America use TikTok to express themselves. Whether it’s watching cat videos, discussing spy balloons, or livestreaming protests, we have a right to use TikTok and other platforms to exchange our thoughts, ideas, and opinions with people around the world.

Banning TikTok would lay the groundwork for excessive government control over the internet and would violate our First Amendment rights. Data collection by apps has real consequences for our privacy, but selectively censoring entire platforms based on their country of origin is not the solution.

The bottom line is: Banning TikTok would have massive implications for our constitutional right to free speech and we cannot allow these bills to pass.

Send a message to your lawmakers now and tell them to support our constitutional right to express ourselves by voting NO on bills that would completely ban TikTok.

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