Iowa: Speak Up for Second Chances

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Iowa is the only state in the country that bans voting for life for people convicted of a felony. This draconian policy disenfranchises more than 60,000 Iowans and dramatically impacts communities across the state. 

The ACLU of Iowa is part of a broad, nonpartisan coalition of over twenty organizations working to end lifetime disenfranchisement in Iowa. HJR 14, a proposed amendment to the Iowa Constitution that would right this wrong, permanently, by restoring eligibility to vote to Iowans who have completed their sentences. 

In her 2019 Condition of the State Address, Gov. Reynolds said “...I don’t believe that voting rights should be forever stripped, and I don’t believe restoration should be in the hands of a single person.” We agree, as do nearly two-thirds of Iowans.

Tell your state senator you’re one of those nearly two-thirds of Iowans who believe we should end lifetime disenfranchisement in Iowa.

Restoring eligibility to vote for people convicted of a felony enjoys broad bipartisan support. HJR 14 passed the Iowa House 95-2 last session. The next critical step in this fight is to ensure that the bill passes the Iowa Senate in 2020. 

Please take a moment to let your Senator know that Iowans who have completed their sentences deserve a second chance.

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