RSVP for a SCOTUS Briefing: Abortion cases being decided at SCOTUS this year


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The Supreme Court will hear two abortion cases later this year that could have severe impacts on abortion access.

This spring, the Supreme Court will hear arguments in a case brought by anti-abortion extremists that could impose medically-unnecessary restrictions on mifepristone, a drug used in most abortion care across the country today. Last year, a federal court issued a ruling to impose harmful restrictions on people’s ability to access mifepristone in the case, which was designed to ultimately remove the medication from the shelves nationwide. If the Supreme Court sides with anti-abortion groups, it would impact access to medication abortion in every state across the country.

In April, the Supreme Court will then hear arguments on a case where extremist politicians are back at the Court asking for the right to put doctors in jail if they provide abortion care to a patient facing a medical emergency, even in cases of miscarriage. They are trying to force doctors to stand by helplessly and withhold critical emergency care from their patients, and the Supreme Court has just given them the green light. The Court’s ultimate decision in this case will determine whether pregnant people can access urgent medical care.

Join us on January 30th at 8pm ET/5pm PT to learn more about both of these cases, how the ACLU is supporting abortion rights, and what you can do as we move forward in this fight.