People Power

Register for an ACLU People Power Webinar

Our webinars are designed to make you the most effective activist you can be - whether you are getting involved for the first time or for the hundredth! Each training will last 45 minutes, followed by an optional 15 minute Q & A section with a trainer.

If you’re new to People Power, our “Overview” webinars are a great starting place. We’ll go over how ACLU People Power stands up for our civil liberties through grassroots activism, along with how to get started on our Let People Vote campaign to expand access to the ballot.

Looking for guidance on your local  campaign? Our “Tactics & Strategy” webinars are for you! We’ll go in-depth on how to turn up the heat on your campaign and navigate political realities to make progress locally and l walk you through steps to be successful as you plan an upcoming action.

Ready to get organized? If you aren’t sure what to do next, go ahead and join a handful of trainings to build a wider range of skills.


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